Hi there! I’m 34 years old, and I developed binge eating disorder when I was 32, shortly after quitting smoking. However, the beginning of my disordered eating goes all the way back to my preteen years. Today, after about a year and a half of this devastating disorder, I’m binge-free. Yes, I still overeat occasionally (like any normal person does), and I am still working on emotional eating and body image stuff, but my miserable binging days are over. I know I’ve got more work to do, but I’ve made so much progress, and I’m actually really proud of that (some days, I have to work really hard to remind myself of that though).

I created this blog to try to share some of my experiences and knowledge gained along the way because a year ago, when I was struggling, wanting recovery but having no idea what to do or what to expect, I felt there was not enough information on recovery. The amazing array of literature on eating disorders seemed to leave this important information out! So, I’m here to fill that hole and share my recovery story and some of the stories of others, because every single recovery story is a win for ALL of us in the eating disorder community. It’s us against ED, and we’re going to WIN! :)

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