How can I love myself?

Self-love: it’s about loving and accepting yourself as a whole person. It does NOT mean you have to like every single aspect of yourself. It’s OK for me to say that I don’t like my tummy that much, but I still love MYSELF as a whole!

Think about how you feel about your family and friends … of course, you don’t like every little thing about them, because they are humans with flaws. Just like you. Yet, you still love them despite their flaws. It’s the same with loving yourself.

Lots of us think there’s no way we can love ourselves because of our flaws or imperfections. I know I used to think that; I couldn’t imagine loving myself just as I am. But who says we have to be perfect to be loved? ED says that. ED is a liar!ALKBit

Steps to self-love:

  1. Focus on what your body can DO (rather than how it looks) – and thank your body for everything it does for you, every single day.
  2. Tell yourself you love your body, even when you don’t. Just keep saying it, even if it feels fake. Fake it ‘til you make it! It really works!
  3. Focus on what you do like about yourself and your body.
  4. Challenge your narrow beliefs about what is beautiful and what fat means.
  5. Realize that “fat” isn’t a feeling – it’s a signal that something else is going on inside you … probably a general feeling of unworthiness or self-doubt.
  6. Remember that your body CAN have flaws but still be lovable. You don’t have to be perfect. Or, you can think of it like this: you can be perfect in your imperfection.

Why is self-love so important? It’s because you need it to heal. You can’t recover without it. We are far more likely to take care of something we LOVE rather than something we hate. So, spread the love to the person who deserves it most … YOU!

Where are you in your journey to self-love? Do you have any tips to share with others?

3 thoughts on “How can I love myself?

  1. “Where are you in your journey to self-love?” – after years of different therapies and after 9 months of “the right one” I am still at the very beginning of my journey to self-love. I feel I can’t love myself. I know I have to but I have no reason to love myself. Yes, I know my values etc., I just can’t see my significance. I’ve never been important to anyone, literally, no family, real friends, valuable partners. Now I have a few people in my life, but no one cares, I’m always the giver.

    I really KNOW how important it is and I try to find the love inside me, but it is like everyone around still proves how unimportant I am.
    Don’t really know how to work on that.

    • I believe that from birth, every person is worth loving, and you don’t have to do or be anything to be deserving of love. People who are givers are also people who have difficulty receiving. Therefore, self-love feels a bit odd to them, but that doesn’t mean they (you) aren’t worthy of love! I myself am a giver and had to and am still learning to receive love from myself and from others. With little steps, I am getting there and so will you. By taking time to heal and time for yourself, you will get there. I’ll bet you’ve been significant to many people, even if they’ve never told you so. You know what? You’re significant to me; your question has made me think a lot, and I’d love to get to know you better. 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!

      • And thank you for the blog! I read it all in the same breath and it covers everything that’s been on my mind during the whole recovery thing, only in an organized way 😉 I admire the way you write and actually LIVE after eating disorder, and I really like the fact that you concentrated on binge eating – when I was anorexic there was a lot to read about it, while BED seems to be set aside. I started blogging a couple of months ago (in Polish – as you can see English is not my first language 😉 ) but when I found your blog this week it was like ‘Wow, that’s something’ – even the title is perfect 🙂 Can’t wait for next post!

        Oh, and thank you for the reply – you are surely right. Everything requires time.

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